Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sharing: Making Bunny Hand Puppets for Easter

Love the wonderful pretty colour Bunny Hand Puppets from Molly's Sketchbook ~ The Purl Bee. Nice simple tutorial and sharing \\here are 20 Bunny Tutorials shared by the The Long Thread too .. \\(^ . ^)// Enjoy making them this Easter ~~ ♥

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sharing: Calendar from I Heart Linen

Beautiful handmade by Rashida from I Heart Linen. Love the colours and fabrics she uses. Love to do one for myself after siblings gathering next week hehehe .. Yeah I love this project

Sharing: Mini Tote Bag from VeryKerryBerry

I will be sharing many lovely handmades that I love and will make for myself until I settled down from all day work very soon hehehe .. I managed to look for a landed property and pray all be well in time :)) and today, I am sharing Kerry from Very Kerry Berry's Mini Tote Bag \\(^ v ~) and let's enjoy Kerry's handmade and blog.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sharing: Triangle Coin Purse

Happy Fun Friday Everyone.

Its a happy day for me and I browse another lovely handmade by Passioncraft. (^ v ^)//Look what I found hehehe .. its the lovely Triangle Coin Purse that resembles our chinese Rice Dumpling hehehe .. a great sharing by Joanne L. On more lovely handmade and craft tutorials by Passioncraft, click my WoW section top right and browse for icon Passioncraft and thanks for stopping by my blog ^^

Sharing: Girly Red Dress by Sewing in No Mans Land

I love this Girly Red Dress by Sewing in No Mans Land \(^ v *)/ .. Am going to sew one for my buddy's daughter next week hehehe ..

Lovely Sharing on How to make Macaron Coin Purse

Been awhile not keeping in touch with all my kind friends from near and far. I have been busy scouting a new place and currently staying with a girlfriend (^ v *). Here, am sharing a lovely handmade by Passioncraft.com. I love the Free Pattern & Tutorial on How to make Macaron Coin Purse and hope you enjoy it too hehee .. \\(^ v ^)
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