Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#35 - Red Mini Apron

I thought i did share the Red Mini Apron i made on 27th hehehe .. I sewn this red mini apron from the japanese craft book tutorial that Kelly, of Fabric Fanatics loaned to me hehee .. its cute and again i love it coz its mini and its RED *(^ .^)*

#34 - Body Apron

I made this Body Apron a day ago when i could not sleep past mid-night at 2.30AM and it was quite fun when i started to cut some small pieces of felt patch-work to make a house, trees, cloud etc on it. I didnt notice the time past then, and peacefully hand-stitching the cut-out felts and also my name on it too ^^ and you would tell i made with lot-sa-love on it hehehe and when i completed all the hand-stitching, noted the time was ooooo 4.00AM .. and now i have 2 aprons that i made for myself for my craft room ^^ .. these put a big smile on my face too hehe \(~.^)/

#33 - Hand-Clutch Purses

OMG, i just made 2 Hand-Clutch Purses with a place-mat following the pdf tutorial from Novita, Very Purple Person. My sewing is not very good on this but I love them so much and cant wait to use tomorrow and i love all your lovely sharing. Thank you so much Novita. So happy, i be sleeping smiling big time too hehehe .. ^(^ .^)^

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#32 - Simple & Easy Sling Fabric Handbag








I just took 15 minutes to sew this simple & easy sling Fabric Handbag. Am sharing the simple picture tutorial and material used.

Material needed:
1 piece of place-mat
1 piece of 18" red strap
1 piece of 18" lace
2 pieces of 2" lace
1 piece of handmade label

Picture 1 - The materials needed. Picture 2 -I place the 18" lace on top of 18" red strap and sew it. You may sew it at center or side of strap and also wrap around the smaller pieces of lace at each end of strap (in a circle wrap) and sew it so the end of the strap will not frey. Picture 3 -Fold the place-mat in 'U' shape, leaving the top open. Picture 4 - This is how it looked like after sewing the place-mat and strap. Picture 5 - You sew the strap 4 inches below the bag top (as shown on Picture 5) on each side and then use the top fold down like a bag cover. Picture 7 - Note the wrapped around lace at the end of each strap. I am using it as my weekend casual bag ^(^ .^)^ .. Personally i like it and do hope you give it a try to sew one if you like it coz its very simple to sew ~ ♥

Support Handmade ~ Supplies Surprise! Bazaar

The Handmade Movement is organizing and bringing us the Supplies Surprise! Bazaar this weekend Saturday, April 2nd @ BFree Sunway, Dataran Mentari. It is their first ever bazaar ONLY featuring handmade & crafts supplies. I am attending this bazaar for sure too. I will definitely support handmade items and also get some new fabrics, crafts supplies to make more new things for myself and my new craft room hehehe .. Do check out the link and click here for more information. Hope to see you there (^o,^)

Support Handmade ~ Upcoming Event @ Pipit Wonderful Market 6

I always support handmade and will be attending the upcoming event @ Pipit Wonderful Market 6 on Saturday, May 7th @ KL Central Market. I know another month so but am so excited and check out the Pipit WM6 Tote Bag too (well, i am ordering one for sure) hehehe .. It's an annual creative festival for local creative talent, handmade craft, art design, independent brand and unique limited items that we shouldn't missed out! \(^o^)/ and i hope to meet some of the new craft friends and many more new friends there and SEE YOU THERE ~

Sunday, March 27, 2011

#31 - Long White Bohemian Sundress

I have and bought few darker colour sun-dresses but i wanted a plain white and decided to sew a Long White Bohemian Sundress just 2 hours ago. I added ribbons and 2 different machine stitching patterns for this bohemian feel using only RED thread hehee .. Some of you may know i am using Singer Model #2210 and the machine stitching patterns are 'heartbeat' that already pre-programe and pattern #84 ~ row of butterfly stitching and I hope to wear this simple bohemian sundress tomorrow hehee ^(^ .^)^

#30 - Green Sundress

This afternoon i feel like wearing green and decided to sew a Green Sundress. I learned the sewing from Tiny Happy's blog. I sew my sundress aka beach dress without the 2 straps. Did you notice i also wear green shade, green ear-ring and green shoes to match the outfit hehee .. I wore the Green Sundress for lunch at TGIF Curve and also shopping @ the Weekend Street Market, Curve. Have a Lo.oK! ^^

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sharing: Part 6 ~ My 2-in-1 Craft & Laundry Room Makeover in Progress

I did two little sewing ~ one a Cotton Liner for my basket and another a Fabric Handle stuffed with batting for my other basket. This my sharing (^ .*) ~

Sharing: Part 5 ~ My 2-in-1 Craft & Laundry Room Makeover in Progress

I sew 2 Plastic Bag Holders yesterday. Each one to one size, one for S = Small, and the other M = Medium. I use a RED felt to cut out the alphabet 'S' and 'M'. These are for me to store the plastic bags we have from the supermarkets or mall. I kept them to re-use them for other purposes ^(^ .^)^

Sharing: Part 4 ~ My 2-in-1 Craft & Laundry Room Makeover in Progress

This is the Mobile Pockets Hanger i made yesterday in between unpacking the japanese craft books and cleaning up the room (/o^)/

Sharing: Part 3 ~ My 2-in-1 Craft & Laundry Room Makeover in Progress

This is the Stool Cover for my 7 years old white stool that i bought from Ikea. I love the stool and using the cotton fabrics i bought from Fabric Fanatics together with a hand towel, i manage to sew this cover ^^
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