Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sharing: Handmade from Pipit Market 6

>_< I was disappointed for being unable to attend the Pipit Market 6 last Saturday because I have fallen ill with very bad tummy cramp during the mid-night/wee morning of 7th and unable to drive. I was so eager and waiting for weeks and days to shop on that day but I got sick .. It was truly a successful event that day and many friends near and far have taken beautiful photos of the event and many vendors sold all their handmade. I have reserved some items and manage to get mine from Valerie Creations and same time i miss many vendors too :(( .. but I was happy it was a very successful day \(^v^)/ and seen many beautiful and lovely photo sharing by crafter friends .. You may need to view Pipit.com for more photos sharing \\(^ v^)

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