Sunday, July 3, 2011

#1 - My new RED Casual Carrying Bag

Sorry for my long absent and I am back!! ^^ Thank you for your kind patience.
Finally Saturday I had time to sew 2 same RED Casual Carrying Bag, and making 2 bracelets ^^ and one of this RED Casual Carrying Bag I promised Joanne I bless her one ^^ I bought the materials from Ikea and this is it \\(^ v ^)


  1. The bag is sooo nice Tresa! And absolutely love the pattern! <3

  2. hi there Sung Ting, thank you .. it has been awhile i miss my little sewing due to busy with day work, work traveling and exam and now i am back to sew more little stuff hehehe .. thanks much Sung Ting, appreciate your likeness and love <3

  3. i love the pattern of your casual bag. must be very useful. :)

  4. hehehe thanks Fiona, indeed its useful to carry around esp. during weekend outing esp. shopping hehe, thanks for stopping by <3


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