Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Fantastic Friday Everyone

m( ' _ ')m Sorry Everyone that I have been missing in action these days due to office work for the coming new office project development launching.

I wanna share that I have bought some nice red fabrics and materials from recent Supplies Surprise Bazaar, organized by The Handmade Movement last Saturday \\ (^ v^) and will load some photos tomorrow. I wish to make some little cute pouches and little bags for my few new cameras that I bought too. And I will share what I also bought from another young talented crafter Angeline, from Bebe Handmade. She has lovely and delicate sewing stuff, almost all her nice designs I bought coz I love them and its RED too hehehe and these cute little handmade makes me smile big time and here I wish everyone a \(^ v ^)/ Happy Fantastic Friday with much love & hugs. I be back very soon <3

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