Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fabric Button Paper Weight

Done the Fabric Buttons, added some Red Beans inside (coz i do not have the metal thingy hehehe)
Sewing some RED and White Buttons on top

and VOILA, My Fabric Paper Weights are Done and Thank you to A Spoonful of Sugar ♥

Hello there, Happy Mothers Day to All Mothers with Love ♥

Remember on May 11, I was sharing the tutorial posted by A Spoonful of Sugar and today, I am sewing some of these for my own use hehehe .. and you know what, I LOVE THEM BIG BIG TIME and feeling so special using them hehehe .. \\(^  v, ^) ~★ ⋰⋱ ★ ⋰⋱ ★ ⋰⋱


  1. They look amazing Tresa - love the red and white!

  2. hehehe thank you again for the great tutorial, appreciate it big time and i love them big time ~ smiling big time too hehehe <3 hugs


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