Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sharing: My Fabric Label

Yeahh .. I am so happy this afternoon that my Fabric Label arrive today, 2500 pieces oh my goshhh ^^ .. guess this is making me sewing more stuff which now i am craving about it hehehe .. This is a simple design by the label maker but I did have one circle design that i designed myself and it will take them a month to do them (they have many to do hehee) and by then, I will be having both to use in future hehehe \(^6,^)/~


  1. Hi tresa, love your fabric label!
    May I know the contact of the supplier :)
    thanks in advance!

  2. Hello Panpan, sure its from Yee Button/Craftworld SS2, Tel: 03-78770072, or mobile 012-3306449, normally they need 3 weeks to do up, check with them ya <3

  3. Thanks tresa for the information, will check with them, hehe...
    Many thanks!! :D


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