Sunday, April 3, 2011


WOOOTZZZ YIPPEE! DONE!!! FINALLY COMPLETED MY 2-in-1 CRAFT & LAUNDRY ROOM in 3 weeks on Saturday from 5.30PM to 11.30PM dd 02042011 ~ Taken all these photos on Saturday itself ~ RED RED RED and more RED \(^ .^)/~♥

I re-do and sew new curtains from lace to flower printed (red & green) polyster fabrics and get some wooden stick and wrapped them with red tape and bought a pack of stick-on hook to hang the curtain. I change the lace curtain because when i pulled down the red blinds the lace always get hooked onto the blind and now i love the new curtains hehehe .. @ the bottom of the curtain i sticked-on 7 artificial roses and scented them with lavender oil. So there be nice smell when i go into the room hehee ^(^,^)^~♥

I also sew a long red and blend with green fabric table cover for my pigeon shelf for the machine and also sew a new checkered red & white washer/dryer fabric cover instead of a red towel. These are the photos i am sharing here for all to view and enjoy touring hehehe \\(' . *)

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