Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My RED Sewing Box

Am sharing my RED Sewing Box today because new friends have been writing to me to know what i have in my sewing box and their guessing were right and its RED hehehe .. most of the stuffs inside my sewing box have been with me for years. This RED box is actually a fishing tool box that i bought from our local Giant Hypermarket. I love it because its RED and black, hand-carrier with 2 compartments inside (top & bottom) plus 2 drawers at the bottom ^.^ hehee .. Some of the sewing gadgets i handmade myself like the wrist fabric cushion for needles and pins, some fabric buttons and fabric yo yo .. i also handmade the RED felt cover to my old sewing box that i bought from Ikea when it first opened @ 1U Old Wing, Malaysia and thats my sharing today ^^

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