Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#12 - Pouches

This is the Small Slip In Felt Pouch i made half an hour ago for my cute lenses and Felt Cutter Pouch for my thread cutter. I got my ball chain from LVBeii. I also made some RED touch-up to some of my sewing gadgets hehee (^ .*) ~ ♥


  1. It's no wonder you're so hot, even your fave color is hot! :D So cute little pouch! I was thinking it will be a big one for your camera lense! didn't figure the lenses so small too! I use to have a set of the lenses,was so much fun snapping the fish eye effect!! Thanks for the linkd dear!

  2. haha you referring to chilli RED hot & spicy ^^ and thanks for dropping by .. this cutter pouch is small, show you this saturday and yes the cutie lenses i bought from The Click Shop and i believe they still having them and i did try to use them with my current Canon digi-camera and most welcome Beii, anytime and its nice to share and be shared (^ .^) ~ ♥


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