Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#32 - Simple & Easy Sling Fabric Handbag








I just took 15 minutes to sew this simple & easy sling Fabric Handbag. Am sharing the simple picture tutorial and material used.

Material needed:
1 piece of place-mat
1 piece of 18" red strap
1 piece of 18" lace
2 pieces of 2" lace
1 piece of handmade label

Picture 1 - The materials needed. Picture 2 -I place the 18" lace on top of 18" red strap and sew it. You may sew it at center or side of strap and also wrap around the smaller pieces of lace at each end of strap (in a circle wrap) and sew it so the end of the strap will not frey. Picture 3 -Fold the place-mat in 'U' shape, leaving the top open. Picture 4 - This is how it looked like after sewing the place-mat and strap. Picture 5 - You sew the strap 4 inches below the bag top (as shown on Picture 5) on each side and then use the top fold down like a bag cover. Picture 7 - Note the wrapped around lace at the end of each strap. I am using it as my weekend casual bag ^(^ .^)^ .. Personally i like it and do hope you give it a try to sew one if you like it coz its very simple to sew ~ ♥

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